Creating Demo Videos for the New Java Snapshot Technology

Last week, I completed creating a showcase for testing an Amazon product page using Selenium and the Snapshot library. Next, I’ll be producing demo videos for testing REST APIs using the Snapshot library and IntelliJ. It’s truly remarkable how straightforward API testing can be without relying on any other tools besides Java and IntelliJ. I … Read more

Lessons Learned from Casual Conversations with a School Director

Today, while taking my son to school, I had a serious expression on my face. The day before, I had added a new feature for checking dynamic values in snapshots (JSON, CSV) during API testing. Despite my serious demeanor, the school director greeted me kindly as we reached the gate. However, thinking I looked worried, … Read more

Is it allowed to retry failed tests until they pass?

If your tests fail randomly, don’t just keep rerunning them until they pass, as it might mask issues like race conditions or deadlocks. Instead, concentrate on retrying only the unstable parts of your test that aren’t directly related to its main goal. For instance, if there’s a failure in connecting to an external webservice during … Read more

Why AI can’t be used for Verifying Data in Regression Tests

The ability of AI systems to provide different results for the same question makes them unsuitable for verifying data in regression tests. This inconsistency undermines the reliability of AI’s assessments, making it difficult to trust their conclusions. Regression testing, on the other hand, relies on consistent and repeatable results to ensure that new features don’t … Read more

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