Comprehensive Test Traceability: Bridging the Gap Between Automated and Manual Testing

Test traceability is crucial for ensuring that all specified requirements are covered by test cases, ultimately confirming that the software aligns with its intended functionality. In a project involving both manual and automated tests, you can establish traceability by adding annotations to automated tests, linking them to individual requirements. To achieve this, define requirements in … Read more

Data-Centric Code Reviews for Automated Tests

Code review helps save money by catching mistakes early on. When dealing with automated tests, which are like step-by-step instructions for your computer, it’s not just about the instructions themselves – the data they use is also really important. In my experience, when we review both the instructions and the data used in automated tests, … Read more

Understanding System Integration Testing: Why It Matters with Real Examples

Today, I’d like to discuss “system integration testing.” In simple terms, it ensures that external components seamlessly work with our system, following ISTQB guidelines. Since we can’t control these external parts, regular testing, especially during nightly builds, is crucial to promptly address any changes and keep our application up-to-date. Here’s a real example: In a … Read more

Software Testing Lessons from the Pesticide Effect

Hey testing enthusiasts! Ever thought about the connection between pesticides and software testing? Let’s dive into it and discover how it impacts our testing strategies.Just like insects get immune to certain pesticides, repeatedly using the same tests can make them less effective. It’s called the “Pesticide Effect” in software testing.To keep software bugs at bay, … Read more

Snapshot Testing: A Powerful Tool for Assuring the Quality of Automated Tests

The test data is an essential part of the verification logic in automated tests. There are two kinds of data: the input data and the expected data. The input data defines the program flow and the expected data specifies the desired outcome of the test. For example, assertEquals(user.getName(), “Andreas”); shows that “Andreas” is expected data … Read more

How Snapshot Testing can help to detect Errors

With snapshot technology, the comparison of the data can be outsourced as a technical aspect. If deviations are found when comparing the data, they are automatically analyzed and displayed in the log in a form that the user can understand. This allows the programmer to understand the cause of the error much more quickly. For … Read more

A Year in the Life of a REST Service Bug

For a whole year, I was a hidden bug in a REST web service that processed data from various sources and returned data as CSV. There was an automated test for this web service, but it only checked the first few CSV lines that were returned. It never detected me because I didn’t touch those … Read more

CleverFilter: A Tool to Filter and Sort CSV Data for Regression Testing

Define test scope precisely Do you need to adjust your automated tests frequently because of new features? With CleverFilter, after not relevant ccode changes for the test scope of your automated test your regression tests will always remain green, even with large functional expansions. CleverFilter allows you to filter JSON and CSV data to precisely … Read more

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