Detect Bugs with Full Data Validation

As your trusted partner, I specialize in optimizing automated tests, with a keen focus on boosting data coverage—a critical aspect often overlooked in traditional testing approaches.

Are you aware that relying solely on high source code coverage is insufficient to safeguard your data processing logic? At the greatest risk are successful features because our customers pay
us to continually develop them over many years. Therefore, successful
features usually have complex requirements and will be developed by
different developers over time. If the data coverage of automated tests
is low, inexperienced developers may introduce unwanted code changes,
potentially destroying successful features that contribute most to
profit and give you the highest customer reputation. Severe data bugs
may remain undetected in new releases, causing data loss on the customer side. Therefore, I have made it my goal to find a way to prevent introducing bugs in already working features. I achieve this by increasing the data coverage in automated tests through seamless integration of the Snapshot Java library directly into your test automation framework. With this integration, you will be able to easily verify large datasets, including checking the content of SQL databases, REST APIs (JSON, XML, CSV), and data from Selenium tests. Additionally, your developers will have access to detailed technical documentation and video tutorials.

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Complete API Data Validation: The Key to High-Quality Microservices

Easily Test and Validate JSON, CSV, and XML Content in Any API

Complete HTML Data Validation: Achieve High-Quality Websites Without Surprises

Extend Your Existing Selenium and Playwright Tests for Full HTML Data Validation

Full SQL Database Validation: Prevent Data Loss and Corruption in Production

Validate Complete Data from Any JDBC ResultSet in CSV or JSON Format

Validate Complete Data from Your XML Documents

Easy XML Validation: Filter, Transform, and Sort XML Content with Just a Few Lines of Code

Fully Verify Large Java Object Instances from Parsers and Extractors

Parsers and Extractors can generate a large number of KPIs and store them in memory as Java objects. These KPIs can be thoroughly verified to detect bugs during component testing.

DEMO: JSON REST API Testing with Snapshots

Today, JSON REST API is widely used, and almost every microservice responds with JSON content. Therefore, it is critical to ensure the quality of such components in integration and system tests.The Snapshot library assists in verifying APIs of your REST services, ensuring that your regression tests remain stable and easily maintainable. Take a look at the demo below:

Part 1: Here’s a short introduction on how a JSON REST service can be tested with Snapshots.

Part 2: Easily filter complex JSON content using TreePredicates.

Part 3: Sort JSON content using multiple criteria effortlessly.

Part 4: Verify Dynamically Changing Values in Snapshots by Replacing Them with Constant Strings.

Reduce Development Costs

The automated import feature seamlessly extracts data from various sources such as SQL, HTML, CSV, XML and Java object instances directly into snapshot files. This streamlined process reduces the need for extensive boilerplate code and results in significant time savings in automated test development.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

By using the innovative filtering functions of the snapshot library, precise test scopes are defined, ensuring the stability of regression tests that are only triggered in the event of real errors.

Easily Adapting to Changes

Allows you to easily adjust filter criteria within related automated tests and replace existing snapshot files to meet changing data validation needs. Compared to existing approaches, this adaptation process only takes a fraction of the time.

Seamless Integration

ExpectedBits Snapshot Java library seamlessly integrates into your test automation framework, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting your workflow.

Easy Data Verification

Easily verify large datasets, including SQL databases, REST APIs (JSON, XML, CSV), and data from Selenium tests, empowering your team to catch potential issues before they escalate.

Better pull requests

Committed snapshot files give experienced developers greater insight into changes made by other developers during pull requests, reducing the time required for review. This comprehensive overview improves collaboration, streamlines the code review process, and ultimately improves team efficiency.

DEMO: Selenium Testing with Snapshots!

Selenium is a widely-used open-source tool for navigating websites, employed in numerous projects and considered a state-of-the-art technology for web automated testing.

The Snapshot library assists in verifying values on your websites by extracting and storing them into a JSON snapshot file, ensuring that your regression tests remain stable and easily maintainable. Take a look at the demo below:

Part 1: Retrieve HTML values from Selenium and store them in a JSON snapshot.

Part 2: Using EasyExpressions to locate the fetched HTML values in snapshots.

Part 3: Verify Dynamically Changing Values in Snapshots by Replacing Them with Constant Strings.

Part 4: Locating HTML Values within Snapshots Using TreePredicate

Part 5: Verify images from the Amazon product page.

Part 6: Let’s talk about low maintenance costs.

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