Software Testing Lessons from the Pesticide Effect

Hey testing enthusiasts! Ever thought about the connection between pesticides and software testing? Let’s dive into it and discover how it impacts our testing strategies.
Just like insects get immune to certain pesticides, repeatedly using the same tests can make them less effective. It’s called the “Pesticide Effect” in software testing.
To keep software bugs at bay, mix up your testing methods. Don’t stick to the same routine; try different approaches to catch those sneaky defects.

Regression tests are great for checking existing features, but automation can make them even better. By automating repetitive tests, we save time and uncover hidden issues.
Tests performed repeatedly are referred to as regression tests, and automating them is vital to ensure the quality of existing functionality. However, in the realm of manual testing, it’s essential to explore new opportunities and innovative approaches to prevent the onset of the “pesticide effect.”

Your passionate tester, Andreas Hollmann

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