Why Data Errors Are More Serious Than Functional Errors: A Smartphone Story

A friend of mine had a smartphone that randomly restarted. He asked me to help him with his phone. I looked at this phone, it has 128GB of internal memory and only 100MB of free space. So, my idea was to move all the pictures and videos to the cloud and free up some space on the phone. I started uploading all the data to the cloud, after a few days the work was done and I was able to free up 100GB,

the problem with the phone became serious and the phone started rebooting after a few minutes of working with it. My friend was happy even though his phone was broken because all his pictures, videos and contacts were safe in the cloud.

Broken functionality is usually easy to fix, but lost or corrupted data may be unrecoverable and cause huge harm. Of course, if the functionality can cause an atomic explosion, functional errors are not allowed, but if a dialog does not display correctly on an insurance website, such errors are usually easy to fix. However, if customer data has been corrupted in an insurance application, it can lead to high damages.

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