How can a father win against his little daughter in a memory game?

I played with my little daughter memory game. She started winning all the time and was very happy, making jokes about her father. I decided to invent a tool to help me compete with her. The main idea was to memorize only five cards at the border and repeat them in words inside my brain in a loop until I saw a card on the table that corresponded to the memorized words. If I saw such a card, I could easily find it by repeating the words and stopping at the word which corresponded to the same last opened card on the table. At the beginning, my daughter had five times more cards than me. After I started using my new strategy, I began to win, and after a few games, I had already twice as many cards as my daughter. My daughter stopped making jokes and playing memory with me. She also told me I should stop thinking during play. I learned a lot, but I also learned that you can increase your chances by using better tools.

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