The Story of a Sneaky Data Processing Bug in an Oracle Databas

I was a deadly data processing bug in a banking system. My mission was to corrupt customer data in an Oracle database.

The developers were confident that their complex code was well tested by their automated tests. Every week they looked at their sonar results and said “our code coverage is almost 90%, the chance of introducing a new bug is very small”. They were wrong!

Even though they had high code coverage, they only verified a few values from the database in their automated tests. As a result, the data coverage was low and I slipped through unnoticed. This gave me the opportunity to join the data processing logic and do my job.

I only lived for half a year, but I left a lasting impression on many people. 

Thanks to my hard work, I corrupted thousands of customer data records in a very short time. This caused high costs and ruined the developer’s reputation as a professional.

I warn you not to use snapshot technology. This dangerous technology could have killed me at birth and prevented our meeting. But I believe everyone deserves a chance to live a fulfilling life. I would love to meet you personally.

Yours sincerely,
Your deadly SQL data error

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